London 1998

1st European Registrars Conference

Foto di Daniel Tong su Unsplash

3-4 November 1998

London, The National Gallery

The first European conference of art registrars, organised by the UKRG at the National Gallery in London, was attended by over 300 delegates from 18 different countries.

Topics of particular interest to the profession were discussed: European state indemnities, international laws for the circulation, import and export of works of art, outside and inside Eastern Europe, insurance.

Below, from the table of contents of the conference proceedings ‘The UK Registrars Group, European Conference 1998, National Gallery, London, 3/4 November 1998’ the topics discussed during the two days.

State indemnities
French national indemnity
French national indemnity – Practical information
Italian state indemnity
Dutch government indemnity

Customs procedures – International laws
French import & export regulation for works of art
French customs procedures
The new Italian law on the movement of works of art
Custom and transport issues within europe
Travelling exhibitions to and from Switzerland (a non-ec country)
European export rules

Eastern Europe
Fine art transport in western and eastern Europe
Transportation in eastern Europe
The movement of art by road from the Czech Republic, Slovac Republic, the Ukraine and Armenia: praticalities
Transportation in the Russian Federation
Art in transit in eastern Europe
Rules and problems: the State Hermitage museum

Risk & rate
Settlement of claims and depreciation

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